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Sizes: A (B) C (D) E (F)
Corresponding to bust circumferences: 70-80 (80-90) 90-100 (100-108) 108-120 (120-128) cm.
About sizing: The dress is designed with a positive ease of 0-10 cm’s. Because of the pattern sequences, there are more than 5 cm’s between each size, so please pay attention and pick the size corresponding to your bust circumference. The dress is elastic; therefore, you can easily size down if you like a tighter fit. The dress is reversable, which means you can use the deep cut back as a deep V neckline if you wish so. The grey dress on the front page is in the recommended size and the blue dress on the back is sized down.

Dress measurements: 80 (90) 100 (108) 120 (128) cm’s of bust circumference and approximately 90 (90) 92 (94) 98 (104) cm’s length, which is easily adjustable

Gauge: 20 stitches * 30 rows = 10X10 cm’s. Gauge swatch is explained on page 3.

Recommended needles: 4 mm needles for the dress itself and 3.5 mm for icord edges.

Yarn alternative 1: 2 strands of Jawoll Silk from Lang Yarns (used to make the grey dress on the front page)

Yarn alternative 2: 2 strands of Jawoll from Lang Yarns
Yarn alternative 3: 1 strand of Froehlich Blauband Sock Yarn and 1 strand of Hjertegarn Alpaca 400. (Used for the blue dress on the last page)

450 (500) 500 (550) 600 (650) grams of Jawoll Silk or Jawoll (50 grams, 210 meters)
250 (300) 300 (350) 400 (400) grams of Froehlich Blauband Sock Yarn (50 grams, 180 meters) and 100-150 (150) 150 (150) 200 (200) grams of Alpaca 400. (50 grams, 400 meters)

About yarndage: The recommended yarndage leaves a little extra yarn to adjust the length if you do all decreses and increses as described in the pattern. If you don’t wish to do decreases in the waist or under the hip, you will need extra yarn.

Difficulty: intermediate.

What A Waist Dress - English

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