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Are you ready to try something new? This sweater is knitted in two panels, and one of them is worked from side to side! 


Get In Line Sweater is knitted in 2 panels. First panel is knitted I 4*4 rib side-to-side from the right sleeve, over the shoulder, divided into a front and back which are knitted separately and then assembled to form the left shoulder. The first panel is finished as the left sleeve. Panel number 2 is knitted top-down and finished of with a ribbed cuff. Lastly, the neckband is formed with decreases and increases to let it lie beautifully on the shoulders.


Corresponding to bust Circumference: 80-90 (90-100) 100-110 (110-120) 120-130 cm
About sizes: Get In Line Sweater er en klassisk rib-sweater med smukke detaljer. Sweateren strikkes i 2 paneler og er designet til at have et positive ease på 20-30 cm.
Measurements: Lentgh mid-back (excluding neckband): approx. 50 (53) 55 (60) 63 cm (adjustable)
Bust Circumference: 110 (120) 130 (140) 150 cm.
Materials: Lang Yarns Merino 150 and Lace Mohair:
Merino 150: 8 (9) 10 (11) 12 skiens
Lace mohair 4 (5) 5 (5) 6 skiens
Gauge: In 4*4 rib, washed and blocked out, 19m * 23 p = 10*10 cm. Please note! The most important dimension of your gauge swatch is the height! This will have a huge impact of the legth of sleeves and width of the sweater, as it is knitted sideways. Note if your gauge swatch gives a lot in height upon wash, as you will have to adapt to this (explained in pattern).
Recommended needles: 5 mm (40 and 80 or 100 cm) and 4 mm (40 and 80 cm) circular needles.


Difficulty: Intermediate (Or, just be brave. Everything is explained in details and you're always welcome to contact the support email :) ) 

Get In Line Sweater - English

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