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Sizes: A (B) C (D) E
Corresponding to bust Circumference: 80-90 (90-100) 100-110 (110-120) 120-130 cm
About sizes: Get In Line Polo is a classic ribbed polo with long sleeves. It’s designed with a close fit and a negative ease of 0 to -10 cm.
Length mid-back (excluding neckband): approx. ca. 53 (57) 62 (65) 67 cm (adjustable)
Bust Circumference: 80 (90) 100 (110) 120 cm.
Sleeves: approx. 48 cm’s for all sizes.


Materials: The garment is knitted in 2 strands. 1 strand of Lang Yarns Merino 400 held together with one strand of Jawoll from Lang Yarns.
Merino 400 lace: 6-7 (7) 8 (9) 10 skeins.
Jawoll: 6 (6) 8 (9) 10 skeins.

Gauge: in 3*2 rib (k3, p2), washed and blocked: 21 st *35 rows. It’s the gauge in the height, that’s the most important.


About the Polo: The Polo in knitted I 3*2 rib in 2 panels. First panel is knitted from right sleeve, over the right shoulder, and then divided into a front and a back piece. These are knitted separately, then rejoined to form the left shoulder and, finally, the left sleeve. The 2nd panel is knitted top-down from the bottom of the 1st panel and to the bottom of the polo. Finally, the neckpand is made with double knitting.

Get In Line Polo - English

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